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October 19, 2021

Ice Cream and Rainbows

What can I say about this extraordinary engagement session with Kelsey and Chad other than simply that it took my breath away. Being a photographer, takes you front row centre to watch these beautiful moments unravel right before you… no wonder Netflix is no longer exciting when life is just so much more abundant… These two found each other at St. Francis Xavier University, and for a few years they lived out in Alberta before moving back to Nova Scotia. The adventures they shared in their time out west were beautiful, and of course will continue, but the Atlantic ocean called for Kelsey’s return home, like a siren, and her family was so happy to have her and Chad back on the east coast.

On September 3rd. we spent a couple of hours together, and those moments were nothing short of epic, romantic, and magical. We started out in Mahone Bay by the Three Churches, which is known to be one of the most treasured views in all of Canada. We stood at the very spot Chad proposed to Kelsey, a place that is near and dear to Kelsey’s heart, her hometown… and there is nothing quite like a place that keeps your most innocent of memories. And of course once we were there, I had to take them to my favourite of places for some ice cream, Oh My Cod, which is right next to the gazebo, where once upon a time Kelsey would have stood with her childhood friends for her junior prom.

I can only imagine standing in a place that holds so many important moments, when mine are all scattered across the globe. After our time in Mahone Bay, we drove to Hirtles Beach to catch the sunset, and the sunset came with a surprise that left us speechless. A rainbow in a stunning pink cotton candy sky. Sigh. They danced in the ocean, twirling and spinning, these warm waves surrounding them into a welcoming embrace, and I just watched this movie, this romantic (the Notebook) worthy moment of a love between two people who are so perfect together, in every way.

I asked them to write something about each other for this post and this is what they said:

Kelsey: I grew up in Mahone Bay and The Three Churches have always been special to me, because anytime I drove into town, it would be the first thing I would see, and I knew I was home. Chad chose this place, in front of the churches, along the water. As he proposed, the church bells started to ring. Chad swears he didn’t have anything to do with that! lol

He really is my best friend. I always thought it was so corny when people said that, but since I’ve met Chad, I totally get it now. I love him so much, it’s crazy! haha

Chad to Kelsey: You already took what I was going to say about you being MY best friend! I love you too much I don’t know how to put it into words… I’m obsessed with you, obviously!

I am over here just so overjoyed for them, so excited for their big day in July, it will be here in a blink. I am so grateful they chose me to tell their love story. Love stories are like trees, and every year the branches only grow taller, stronger, more plentiful. And on very special days, there is both ice cream, and rainbows that take our breath away.




Yours truly,
xo, Lina