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May 3, 2021

Storytelling: My Creative Process

It has been a good full year since officially registering Average Jane Photography, and diving into this career full time. While designing this website, and going through all of the images I’ve taken to date, it was like a beautiful time capsule of memories shared with all of you. I can still remember the conversations, the little moments of dogs chasing their new found treasured sticks into the ocean. The kiddos I would follow through the sand as we’d chase after the seagulls, but really I would keep up with their pace to safeguard them from falling. To me it has always been about so much more than photography. Every moment spent with my clients, has compiled into a beautiful movie in my head.  My own treasured memories, doing something I love so very much, documenting beauty in its raw form, from my own unique perspective.

I capture the moments how I wish for you to remember them too. I want you to remember the vivid colours, the light, the innocence in the moment, the wind swept hair– I wish for you to remember how you felt, you will feel those emotions every time you see the photos again, because that’s the power of images, they tap into our emotional connection to memories.  Storytelling photography is about capturing the essence of who you are, showing bits of your story in their tiny visual glimpses. Going that step further past the traditional portraiture by creating a positive emotional connection.

I look forward to what this new year has ahead, despite of the continued turbulence from the pandemic. The beach days are coming, and everything will be worth the wait, no matter the sacrifices we have to make. I invite all the positive in, but I am as certain, as the high noon is bright, that the stories that are waiting to be told will be magnificent.


Yours truly,
xo, Lina